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        Publish time 2017-06-13 16:21    
    Product characteristics

    More precise and accurate
    Advanced three-dimensional digital vision measurement technology
    Specially designed one-body passive target with high strength
    Bulldozer measurement function allows you to accurately measure positioner parameters

    Faster and more convenient
    Unique one-body cabinet design makes it easier for you to watch under the car.
    The world's first target reflector design, two minutes to complete target installation and positioning settings
    Precision small target, more space saving
    The measurement has nothing to do with the chassis height. It is easy to measure the chassis surroundings and long wheelbase vehicles.
    Fast measurement function, save time and effort, improve work efficiency

    Measurement Range and Accuracy

    Measuring accuracy
    Measuring range
    Camber angle
    Caster angle
    Front wheel inclination
    Toe in
    Recession angle


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