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    General fault solution
    Source: | Author:sinoby | Publish time: 2016-06-01 | 630 Views | Share:

    General fault solution


    Phenomenon: locator host does not start

    Reason: 1, the power supply problem 2, fusing 3, 4, damage to the power switch, power supply cable break 5, line connection problem

    Countermeasures: 1, to check whether there is electric power supply. Check the host power socket fuse fusing, replace the fuse. Check the cable

    Is disconnected, replace the new cable. Check whether the power switch is damaged, replace the power switch. Check the power cord is correct

    Pick up. If you still can't start, please contact the technical personnel of the company.


    Phenomenon: no screen displays

    Reason: 1, display the power switch didn't open the 2, 3, display data line not connected well or computer display card problem.

    Action: check whether display power supply in the open position. Check whether the data line is connected well. Check whether the computer is normal. Please contact with the local meter

    Computer services company technical personnel contact.

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