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    Four-wheel the common difficult problem to solve (18 cases)
    Source: | Author:sinoby | Publish time: 2016-06-01 | 672 Views | Share:

    1 do compensation, four-wheel positioning, do not have what difference?

    Answer: the biggest difference is that the measurement accuracy and inaccurate. Besides LUB, Bmw and Porsch, all car companies ask for compensation, to ensure that the four-wheel positioning accurate measurement. LUB, Bmw and Porsch requires the use of special pillow, from the four small holes in the rims can directly connected to axle, therefore, not only make compensation. If you have a four-wheel positioning machine, measurable four-wheel positioning twice, once do not compensation, a compensation. If two measurements is the same, without any compensation.

    2, how camber Angle adjustment will become bad back, what is the reason?

    Answer: if you use long slot or large size of the bolt hole to sliding bracket to change the camber Angle, must use the CAM bolt or eccentric shaft bolt with a fixed bracket position, otherwise after months driving, touch, stents will slide in the long slot or hole, and thus change the camber Angle.

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