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    Car four-wheel location five pitfalls
    Source: | Author:sinoby | Publish time: 2016-06-01 | 531 Views | Share:

    Speaking of "four-wheel positioning", for the most part of car users will say: "I have heard that my car is done". When you ask him: "what is a four-wheel positioning?", "why do four-wheel positioning?", "four-wheel positioning how to do?", "do be qualified four-wheel positioning", this a series of issues related to users' vital interests, users and even some employees might say not clear. At present, the domestic for car four-wheel location or have a lot of misunderstanding.

    Four-wheel positioning error a think do is adjust the front wheel toe-in

    "Four-wheel positioning", just as its name implies is to need to positioning of vehicle four wheel has to consider. Toe Angle is a concept, technically called feed the toe Angle. And in the past, in the maintenance workshop there is no technical data and wheel alignment equipment maintenance of the master, can only rely on experience with metric scale to measure the two front wheel diameter of front-end and back-end difference, over time, many people will as the length of the concept of "toe" habit.

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