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    Cart locator investment analysis
    Source: | Author:sinoby | Publish time: 2016-06-01 | 801 Views | Share:

    1, the market prospect:

    (1) in 2008, the China automobile industry rapid development, make our country become the world's first car producer and consumer. Data shows, to 2012, the domestic car ownership will break through 70 million. Commercial vehicles, trucks and other cart market also along with the continuously rapid development of domestic economy and constantly improve and there is growing demand for road construction, have broad prospects, unlimited business opportunities. And corresponding cart test maintenance ability of the scientific rationality, stability and accuracy, also need to solve and improve.

    (2) along with the domestic highway opened one after another in great quantities, luxury bus, and it's more and more high speed large, heavy duty truck, the construction of urban roads also make the bus ownership increased dramatically. So the stability of the vehicle's safety and high speed requirements more and more is also high. Rising fuel, tire prices push cart position also become the trend of The Times, in order to solve oil consumption is too large, tires and suspension parts is not normal wear and tear problems, save operating costs, and improve the stability of the vehicle and driving comfort.

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